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Use cases - Increase app adoption

Up the ROI on your mobile app

Now that you’ve invested in creating an app, strengthen your digital strategy with mobile app adoption and engagement.

Illustration showing app adoption

Get your app on their radar and into daily use

After all it took to create it, you deserve app adoption metrics worth bragging about. Whether the downloads are there but it’s just not getting used, or you need to convince people to download your app, our rich messaging capabilities can help. Easy to build and launch, Whispir delivers quick wins for mobile app engagement.

Key features

  • An app-like experience

    With rich media you can give people a real look into how your app can make their lives easier, and cross-promote it at the same time.

  • Quick wins

    With rich messaging you can get your idea into use in a matter of days without even changing your core/legacy systems.

  • High-quality experience

    Don’t undermine the quality of your app with poor promotion. Make sure that valuable users and prospects know that it's out there.

  • Increased adoption and retention

    Cross-promote your app by showing people how the transaction or experience they just had could be even better in the native app.

Mobile app adoption that works

[Whispir] helps us drive members to the MyBlue Website and Mobile Application resulting in further communication and self-help services to keep call center volumes low.
- Alina Koos, Delivery Project Manager, FEPOC
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