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Industry solutions - Mining and construction

Keep operations safe with streamlined mining and construction communications

Ensure that employee communication remains open and accessible, using our cloud-communication platform to deliver internal messages that are ready in-the-moment and built to scale.

Leveraging Whispir for mining & construction

Using Whispir for workforce communications, you can deliver personalized and interactive messages to targeted audiences with up-to-date and precise information. This includes the ability to perform travel arrangements en masse, update rosters on the fly, and stay informed when operators enter and exit a high-risk site.

Key features

  • Crisis communications

    • Crisis & incident management & reporting

    • Triggers for emergency warnings

    • Multi-channel communications

  • Employee engagement

    • On-site alerts & shift availability

    • Remote worker check-in & capacity planning

    • COVID-19 safety & compliance

  • Customer service

    • Stakeholder communications

    • Community outreach compliance

    • Dedicated feedback channel

  • Operational communications

    • IT service management

    • Pre-commute health screening

    • Multi-channel contact management

We had already mobilized extensive communications and operational responses, but we needed a tool to streamline the process. The beauty of an SMS is that it captures the attention of the individual far more than an email, but still gives us access to rich content, and controlled and collated data collection for administration and record-keeping.
- Dom Johnston, IT Manager, Golding Contractors
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