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Industry solutions - HR and recruitment

Transform your recruiting process through seamless digital communications

Manage candidates, recruit top talent, onboard seamlessly, and retain employees through Whispir’s elevated communication experience.

A complete communication experience, from recruitment to retention

Driving and leading a human-focused culture begins with good communication. HR and recruitment specialists need to set this standard from the moment an applicant gets in touch with your company, and maintain it to ensure long-term satisfaction for employees.

Whispir helps you foster and maintain personal connections throughout the entire HR journey. Leverage multi-channel capabilities (including SMS and email), automated processes, and intelligent digital communication tools to create an engaging and human-centric experience from recruitment to retention. By seamlessly pivoting between various channels, you can stay connected with your audience at every step.

Take a free platform demo to see how Whispir can transform the way you engage with employees - from recruitment to long-term retention.

Key features

  • Internal communication

    • Executive updates via video

    • Newsletters

    • Staff training

  • Talent nurture & recruitment

    • Interview scheduling

    • Onboarding and induction

    • Talent and manager feedback

  • Employee engagement

    • Wellness updates

    • Remote worker communications

    • Staff surveys & events

  • HR operations

    • Shift notifications

    • Workplace planning

    • COVID-19 compliance management

Itel had driven innovation through the entire recruitment cycle and we needed to automate the way we get in touch with candidates. With Whispir’s seamless integration we have revolutionised our way of communicating with candidates, taking them on a digitised recruitment journey.
- Mark Kearney, CEO & Founder, Itel International
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